Terms & Conditions of Stall Booking

You must read & accept our terms before booking. Joining our trading team means you agree to abide by our terms & conditions laid out below for each event you trade at. 1. All stalls must be paid for in advance, & in the unfortunate event that you cannot attend on the day, we regret we may not be able to refund your money. 2. We reserve the right to reallocate your stall if it is not paid for so please make sure you pay before the payment deadline to avoid disappointment. 3. The stall fee is non refundable if you cancel your stall & cannot be transferred to other fairs. Where possible we will try & fill your stall so we can send your funds back but this is not always possible depending on the timescale. 4. If you go over your space allowance we may ask you to compact your stall or even remove stock so please plan your stall carefully to fit. Stalls need to adhere to health & safety so filling a stall too much can contravene this & you may need to book a larger stall. It is not always possible to upgrade your stall size on the day. 5. The organiser bears no liability for loss, damage or theft of items.  6. You are responsible for your own property & safety at our events. We recommend having public & product liability insurance to cover your stall & stock. 7. Any electrical equipment must be PAT tested. It is your responsibility to provide this before using any equipment at the fair. Each venue is different & may not allow you to use electrical points at all. Any faults caused by electrical equipment you bring may be charged to you so please only bring something you really need. 8. The positioning of stalls is down to the organiser. 9. Items for sale at this fair must be either true pre 1993 vintage, or vintage inspired if handmade goods. Modern reproductions are allowed as long as they are in keeping with the ethos of the fair.  10. Stallholders must arrive no later than 1 hour before set up or you will forfeit your stall.  11. Stalls must not pack up or prepare to leave before the closing time of the event, unless previously agreed with the organisers. Stallholders that try to leave early or that contravene health & safety for our customers by moving stock & fittings before pack up time will not be asked back to trade. 12. In the interest of health & safety walkways & fire exits must be kept clear at all times during the event. 13. In the event of a venue cancellation we are unable to refund or transfer stalls but will try & seek costs from the responsible party.  14. The sale of food is not permitted from your stall unless previously agreed with the organisers. We have specialist stalls taking care of refreshments. 15. Please leave your stall area exactly as you find it & take all rubbish, bags & coat hangers with you after the event. Rubbish must be placed in bins & not left on the floor. 16. It is your responsibility to ensure you have all the relevant information/stallholder information about the day. If you do not receive it please check your junk folders or let us know. 17. No shows at fairs will be unable to trade at future events.  18. Stallholders must not set up without being shown their allocated space. Please wait until someone is able to show you the floor plan.  19. The Secret Vintage Fair shall be under no liability for delay or failure to provide the services as a result of any act or circumstances beyond reasonable control including but not limited to, Act of God, legislation, injury, terrorism, war, fire, failure of power supply, bad weather conditions, lock out or strike.

Cancellation Policy

Whilst everything possible will be done to replace a stall if you cannot make it, you will be charged for the stall in full if a replacement cannot be found. Our stall fee is non-refundable & not transferable to other fairs unless a suitable replacement from our traders list can be found. This will incur a £10 cancellation charge depending on how close to the event your cancellation is received & how much work our bookings team have to do to book in the replacement stall, alter the floor plans, resend promo & stallholder emails etc. Stalls cancelled less than 72 hours before the event will be deemed as a no show & may result in removal from our traders list.