We have literally hundreds of vintage scarves in the shop which can be used or worn in many ways.  This is the start of a series on the ways you can use vintage headscarves.  This time it's one of the most obvious ways: headscarves!

There are tons of tutorials on how to wear your vintage head scarf in a myriad of ways, and in the last year I have demonstrated more times than I care to remember how they can be tied! So for my customers past, present and future I will be directing you to this blog post for reference...although I am sure I will still be doing demo's in years to come as it is easier to see it in 3D.  To clarify these by no means are the "official" ways to tie it or necessarily vintage authentic, but they are the easiest ones I have found. 

The 1940s HeadScarf Tie
Start with a largish square scarf folded in to a triangle shape.  Then place it on your neck with the triangle pointing down your neck (it is easier to have your hair tied back for this). Next tie the two ends at the front once. Pull the point forward and then tie again creating the initial turban shape. Then it is a case of tucking, primping and adding hair pins to get the desired look.
The Headband and Turban Headband
This scarf tie leaves most of your hair uncovered, and you can tie it one of two ways. Start with the scarf in a long shape (either a long thing scarf or a square scarf folded accordingly).
Place the scarf under your hair at the back, pull the ends up  to the front of your head. Now you have a few options.  The two I do are as follows.  One, simply tie in a bow at the top front, slightly off centre. Or if you want to try the turban tie, twist it over itself and bring it back to the base of the neck or us low down as you can go on your head and tuck it in
There are millions of other ways to tie a headscarf, and millions of ways of doing the above ties... we don't claim to be experts in head scarf tying but we not what works on us and we hope it works for you! Let us know if you have any other nifty headscarf ties.
Vintage Headscarf Tutorial

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